Ladybird Farm Leisure Center was established in 2002 as a family business. In the past 18 years, we continuously developed our services which is a driving principle for us. Our aim is to:

  • attract our more and more urbanizing society back to nature to touch the grass, feel the fresh air, understand the difference between duck and goose or goat and sheep. 
  • provide joyful and meaningful time for the entire family together by using any of our 100 attractions. 
Our product that we sell is FUN.


We believe that FUN has 3 elements and we provide all three elements of it to the greatest possible extent:

  1. Wide range of activities: over 100 attractions, animals, dozens of tradition preserving, handcraft and nature-related programs in an edutaining manner,
  2. Decent accommodation: over 200 beds in bunkhouses, bungalows and apartments, also have a campsite
  3. Food and beverages: restaurant, well-equipped kitchens in all accommodations, buffets

If any of these 3 parts are missing the expected „buzz” will not happen and the visitor will not return. We continuously thrive on providing outstanding services and overperform the expectations of our guests.


We believe in the concept of borrowing our Earth from our successors rather than inheriting it from our predecessors. We live by a strict development policy: whatever we develop, it should not consume any energy or if it does then we must produce the required energy from renewable sources. Our strategic objective is to develop our services to a level where a visitor cause less "damage" to our environment than if they stayed at home or have gone somewhere else.

We provide 100% of the energy we use from renewable sources. We do not use gas. We produce electric energy from photovoltaic solar panels, and heat and hot water from biomass and the sun.


We have our own ecological sewage treatment plant and implemented dozens of actions to decrease our carbon footprint. Selective garbage collection is the norm for us and we promote this concept among our guests.

Uniquely in Europe, our visitors can pay with waste 10% of their entrance fee. And several other programmes are in place to promote the selective collection.

We have 3 water pipelines: one that carries the potable (pretreated) water that we use only for drinking and cooking. Another one is using the water of our own artesian well for washing, in bathrooms, non-potable sinks and for the animals. The third is using rainwater that we collect from our roofs, we use this water for irrigation, construction and maintenance work, and cleaning our paved areas and machinery.

We use the parameters of  “passive houses” when creating new buildings. We measure our investment efficiency not by the one-time investment cost but by the concept of “total cost of ownership”. This concept takes into account the operational costs for the foreseeable future also in addition to the one-time investment cost. Therefore, we are able to avoid the trap of “it was cheap to set up but horrendous to operate”.

Whatever we do or develop, the decision-making criteria are twofold: profitability since profit is required for continuous development AND social impact, in other words, the consequences of the new services for nature and society. If an investment is profitable but with a negative social impact then we do not implement it. We ensure this with the above-mentioned „Total cost of ownership concept” and with the continuous analysis of our supply chain.

Come and pay a joyful visit. We provide a map of our leisure centre in English, German, Dutch and Spanish languages.

P.S.: Do not forget to bring the PET, can or packed paper to protect our environment and your wallet!

You can contact us on the email address: 

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